Support for regional and environmental activities


Water management

Water management refers to a set of services such as contaminated aquifer characterisation studies, implementation and monitoring of piezometric boreholes and wells, regular monitoring of groundwater, samples, monitoring and quality control of surface and/or groundwater samples, identifying the possible presence of contamination, etc.

Environment and health management

In some situations, it is essential to measure the impact of a site on the health of residents and the environment. If, during soil analysis, we identify possible transfer of contaminants through the air, soil or water, we organise support for affected residents to explain the situation and put in place support and protection measures. We can provide the logistics to implement biomonitoring (blood tests, urine tests, etc.) of the local population if necessary.

Environmental emergency management

When health and the environment are threatened by heavy, sudden or exceptional contamination on an identified site, the company’s specialist departments can provide an emergency response. Staff are mobilised in a short time and work to limit the environmental and health impact of this contamination.


Geomatic management of public data

The geomatics department can provide any interested entity with all the necessary map data to carry out an urbanistic project, including by producing maps on request or completing a siting study for development/property projects.

Buying group

This project involves providing cities, towns, organisations for inter-municipal cooperation, autonomous ports, etc. with contaminated soil management services through master contracts. In this way, they no longer have to implement public procurement procedures themselves.

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