Buying group

SPAQUE provides cities, towns, organisations for inter-municipal cooperation, autonomous ports, etc. with contaminated soil management services through master contracts. In this way, they no longer have to implement public procurement procedures themselves.

SPAQUE is setting up a buying group to provide cities, towns, organisations for inter-municipal cooperation, autonomous ports, etc. with the services of specialist external providers at all stages of the management and regeneration of damaged property (contaminated brownfield sites and landfills), selected in compliance with public procurement legislation. By joining this buying group, you will benefit from the services of companies specialising in all areas related to the regeneration of a contaminated site: historical assessment, soil analysis, water management, environmental emergencies, decontamination work, economic restructuring, site maintenance and post-management, etc. And you can get all this without having to worry about legal formalities such as the drafting of special technical specifications, procurement procedures, etc. Whether or not you join the buying group, you can also choose to receive support from SPAQUE experts in the development of your projects.

Services covered

  • Investigative drilling and soil and water sampling
  • Soil analysis by an approved laboratory
  • Indicative study on soil conditions
  • Studies provided for in the soil decree carried out by an approved consultancy firm for site characterisation and rehabilitation: orientation study, characterisation study, combined study, risk assessment, development of a decontamination project, and a final assessment at the end of the rehabilitation work
  • Selection of a technical inspection agency and a health and safety coordinator, specialising in the monitoring of decontamination work
  • Removal of excavated soil to approved treatment centres
  • Removal of illegal waste dumps
  • Sludge and sediment analysis
  • Decommissioning of piezometers
  • Topographical survey carried out by an expert surveyor
  • “Fauna and flora” study in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act

Terms and conditions of membership

To become a member, you must sign a membership agreement, the terms and conditions of which are relatively flexible.

In fact, membership does not entail any exclusivity for either members or service providers. In other words, beneficiaries only place orders for contracts relating to work or services they consider useful to their business. Beneficiaries are under no obligation to purchase supplies from the purchaser selected by SPAQUE for these various contracts and is not required to meet a minimum order.

With regard to proper performance, SPAQUE provides a copy of the special technical specifications and the price offer for the various contracts. It is therefore the sole responsibility of the beneficiary to comply with the clauses and conditions of these specifications and to pay the service provider directly for its orders.

Finally, it should be noted that membership of this buying group is completely free of charge.

Next steps in the buying group project

  • Consultation of interested towns to determine the financial scope of contracts to be awarded (May 2020)
  • Procurement procedures (June 2020)
  • Availability of service providers and organisation of order and tracking systems (September 2020)

SPAQUE also offers a variety of other services in the field of damaged property management

Industrial blight on your land? Development project on a contaminated site? Former landfill to reallocate? Construction site to decontaminate? Question about soil and/or water quality? SPAQUE gives value to damaged property.

Whether you are a public or private entity, SPAQUE can support you on request with all or part of your contaminated soil redevelopment project, from a historical assessment through decontamination work to post-management.

SPAQUE can also provide you with expertise in water management, environment and health management, environmental emergency management and geomatic management of public data.