Management and redevelopment of damaged property


Historical assessment

The aim of the historical assessment is to accurately trace the history of an industrial site, from the groundbreaking ceremony to the present day, and identify potential sources of contamination. Locating these potential sources of contamination on a detailed map allows us to manage the soil analysis more effectively by focusing on suspicious areas and therefore keeping costs down. It also allows us to assess the limitations on the restructuring of the site.

Soil analysis

The term “soil analysis” covers various tasks: indicative studies, orientation studies and characterisation studies relating to a site’s soil and water. These studies allow us to determine, with ever greater accuracy, the presence, level and location of contaminants, and the volume of land and water to be treated, if necessary. This is an essential prerequisite to the decontamination and restructuring of the site.

Feasibility studies

Technical, urbanistic and economic feasibility studies of a contaminated site allow us to identify the best available techniques to decontaminate it according to its future development. They include a study of the residual risks which, for its part, aims to determine the level of soil decontamination according to this future use. They allows us to control the rehabilitation costs.


Decontamination work

The services offered by the company can cover full or partial management of a decontamination project, including public procurement support and monitoring of its performance, selective demolition of buildings, excavation of contaminated soil, geotechnical safety, treatment of contaminated soil on site and/or at an approved treatment centre, groundwater treatment, etc.

Reallocation of damaged property

We can support any relevant public entity to develop an urban neighbourhood or site restructuring project, taking into account environmental constraints: technical, environmental, urbanistic, legal, property, financial and administrative aspects, temporary use potential, etc. All development and reallocation projects (housing, economic activity, renewable energy, etc.) are covered.

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Site maintenance and post-management

Maintenance and post-management operations can, or should, be carried out on rehabilitated or to-be-rehabilitated sites. These operations, which focus mainly on maintaining all existing infrastructure (buildings, water, gas and soil treatment stations, solar panels, etc.), can be carried out by the company.

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