Articles of Association and Governance Charter of SPAQUE


After studying the recommendations of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Union, the Belgian Government and the Belgian Corporate Governance Code, SPAQUE has established a Governance Charter.

Although the Belgian Corporate Governance Code is not entirely suited to it, SPAQUE believed that, as a public body that wishes to set an example, it had a duty to accept an obligation to provide extensive information and to be accountable to the general public for its activities.

It is in this spirit of transparency that it established its Corporate Governance Charter. SPAQUE is committed to transparency, as well as Initiative, Integrity, Autonomy, Quality of Work and Teamwork, which are our five values in terms of our company culture. Transparency must go along with the company’s cardinal rule, which is as follows: “SPAQUE’s decisions and policies are guided only by scientific expertise”.

SPAQUE’s system of governance, which is set out in the document published below, is based, on one hand, on its organic decree and Articles of Association and, on the other hand, on Walloon legislation on governance, which explains its particularly demanding nature.

Articles of Association and Governance Charter of SPAQuE :

Our Board of Directors

  • Madame Valérie SARETTO, Chairwoman
  • Madame Isabelle JEURISSEN, Vice-Chairwoman
  • Madame Géraldine DEMARET, Director
  • Madame Véronique CHARLIER, Director
  • Monsieur Vincent URBAIN, Director
  • Madame Marie-Kristine VANBOCKESTAL, Director
  • Monsieur Laurent ZECCHINI, Director
  • Monsieur Maxime POURTOIS, Director
  • Monsieur Emmanuël SERUSIAUX, Director
  • Madame Coralie VIAL, Walloon Government official
  • Monsieur Olivier GRANVILLE, Walloon Government official

Management contract

The new management contract between SPAQUE and the Walloon Government for the next 5 years was approved by the Walloon Government in May 2019.

This new contract reinforces SPAQUE’s traditional mission (decontamination of contaminated brownfield sites and landfills) and sets four new strategic objectives :

  • contribute to environmental monitoring and innovation,
  • contribute to economic restructuring,
  • contribute to sustainable development,
  • strengthen governance.

These strategic objectives are accompanied by 12 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for SPAQUE, which will be monitored at least yearly and reported to the Government.

This management contract sets SPAQUE an ambitious target to become “a regional centre of excellence in contaminated soil”.

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