European RAWFILL project

The RAWFILL project, set out under the European cross-border cooperation programme Interreg North-West Europe, aims to develop the rationale for a circular economy around the materials found in landfills. Its ultimate goal is to develop a European methodology to assess the economic potential of landfills in order to stimulate the recovery of metals/raw materials/other buried but recoverable products.

The project began in March 2017 for 4 years (2017-2021). RAWFILL brings together eights European partners (five of which are Belgian), namely the OVAM, the University of Liège, I-Cleantech Vlaanderen, Atrasol, SPAQUE, BAV (Germany), Les Champs Jouault SAS (France) and the Natural Environment Research Council (United Kingdom). SPAQUE is the project leader; its role, among others, is to take care of project management (administrative, financial and technical) and internal communication for all the partners. SPAQUE’s other activities under the project contribute to achieving the objectives and deliverables of the different parts of the work programme.

RAWFILL aims to meet three objectives:

Geophysical, sampling and financial feasibility studies will be carried out in two pilot tests on a landfill in Flanders and another in France (as well as a backup site in Wallonia).

RAWFILL in figures

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