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SPAQUE has always shown a particular interest in renewable energies. After the use of landfill gas as energy (generation of electricity and heat, among others, at the Anton landfill), the use of CNG fuel for heavy use vehicles and miscanthus plants, SPAQUE focused on the issue of solar power.

Since 2015, SPAQUE has equipped rehabilitated former landfills with solar panels to produce the electricity required to power the post-management facilities (pumps, motors, degassing networks, etc.). At the same time, SPAQUE has used containment areas on two rehabilitated sites (NAM at Morlanwelz and SAFEA at La Louvière) to install solar power plants. A third plant will be built in 2020 on the Aciérie Allard site in Charleroi. This makes use of containment areas that cannot accommodate extensive infrastructure.

Our annual production of green energy

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SAFEA at La Louvière

This was SPAQUE’s first solar power plant. Opened in January 2017, it is made up of 3,844 panels and has a capacity of 1,000 kWp. Its annual production is 1,047 MWh.

Nouveaux ateliers mécaniques at Morlanwelz

In 2018, SPAQUE commissioned a second solar power plant with 2,777 solar panels. Its capacity is 750 kWp and its annual production is 750 MWh.

Isnes landfill in Gembloux

Around twenty solar panels have been installed on the roof of the landfill facilities. These panels power the turbine engines, degassing network, pumps, etc. The facilities have a capacity of 5.5 kWp and an annual production of 5,500 kWh.

Mellery landfill

Twenty panels were installed in 2015 on the roof of the landfill buildings. They now help to power the various facilities: pumps, motors, degassing network, purification station, etc. The facilities have a capacity of 5 kWp and an annual production of 5,000 kWh.

Hensies landfill

SPAQUE has placed 37 solar panels at the former Hensies landfill. Positioned on a stone-paved area on the ground, they supply power to some of the various landfill facilities, such as pumps, motors, degassing network, etc. The facilities have a capacity of 10 kWp and an annual production of 10 MWh.

Our other projects

Other projects are developed by SPAQUE. Do not hesitate to consult them.